New London Showroom

IE Studio

Atmosphere is delighted to have been selected as a key manufacturing partner to workplace furniture consultants, Insightful Environments (IE) , formerly know as Steelcase Solutions.  IE selected Atmosphere to provide the executive and bespoke furniture for their new showroom, designed to present workplace furniture in a functioning workspace.

Project: 29 Cloth Fair, furniture showroom and workspace, London
Date: December 2015
Timeframe: 6 weeks
Client: Insightful Environments


exterior (2)


Project details:

Atmosphere worked closely with the IE design team and senior management to come up with a solution that fitted their brief to provide visual impact on entering the Studio as well as high quality, functional work and display areas for the reception. In the meeting room, IE was looking to create a sophisticated space for private meetings integrating telepresence and audio-visual technology. Atmosphere proposed a specially designed Omega Mediawall lipped and veneered in dyed grey oak with flush fitting screens and matching credenzas.  For the meeting room table, Atmosphere proposed an Omega table with a Fenix NTM top (the latest nanotech solid surface material) to suit requirements for high use, easy maintenance, but with a tactile and high quality aesthetic. Working to a tight 6 week timescale, the new showroom is now officially open and visits can be arranged by appointment through Atmosphere.


For the reception/meet and greet area, Atmosphere worked with the IE design team to come up with a workable solution to fit their design brief for a wall of curiosities to create a stand-out feature on entry to the Studio with a feature wall to the reverse side incorporating box shelving and wall-mounted cabinets with a standing height reception counter. This was all lipped and veneered in American Black walnut with mitred corner joints with some coloured laminate back panels.




Wall of Curiosties

Wall of Curiosties


Products used:

Omega meeting room furniture including:

4000 x 1500mm Meeting room table in 10mm solid black Fenix NTM

Omega Media Wall with integrated technology and storage, lipped and veneered in dyed oak with surfaces in solid black Fenix NTM

Bespoke cabinet work and joinery including:

Wall of Curiosties lipped and veneered in American black walnut with coloured laminate detailing.

Reception counter and feature wall cupboards and shelving lipped and veneered in American black walnut with coloured laminate detailing.





Offices to inspire and empower


An office should be an aspirational space. We believe that your working environment is an extension of your personality and shouldn’t simply be viewed as a functional necessity.

Many of us spend several years working in the same room, possibly even at the same desk. So, it’s important that you are inspired and empowered by your surroundings.

Omega has been designed and crafted with the most demanding executive in mind – for those who excel at what they do and naturally, expect and deserve excellence.

A far cry from an off-the-peg solution, with Omega comes choice and the ability to personalise your working environment. Choose from stunning wood veneers or a wide range of contemporary desktop finishes, a selection of innovative edge profiles and a variety of storage options. Well-considered cable management solutions are integral to maintaining the sharp aesthetic and high functionality of an Omega office.

Omega: Expect excellence.

What do your client-facing areas say about your company?

We know we are not alone in neglecting our own workplace to serve our customers

First impressions are based on the 8 second rule: People form an impression and perception of you and your company within 8 seconds of meeting you; entering your offices; viewing your website or company brochure.  In the case of a website, if someone isn’t instantly engaged by what they see, you won’t have the chance to prove their first impression wrong, they are gone – missed opportunity. In the case of your workplace, the outcome can vary depending on the purpose of the visit, but...

"...a favourable first impression will at least get things off to the best start"

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Improving quality and reducing delivery times are driving UK manufacturers to re-shore

UK Manufacturing is no longer a declining industry

Not so long ago UK manufacturing was a declining industry, but the latest report from EEF Backing Britain: a manufacturing base for the future shows this is changing. One in six UK manufacturers have re-shored in the past three years. A similar proportion is also planning to bring activity back to the UK in the next three years with the many stating improving quality and reducing delivery times as the main drivers.  To see this happening has a really positive impact on the industry and is very encouraging for the future.  We are certainly glad to welcome fellow UK manufacturers back to Britain. Take a look at this supporting infographic from EEF illustrating their findings:

Haute Couture

Custom-made furniture to promote the best of British fashion in Paris

Last month we were back and forth to Paris, installing custom-made furniture for the British Fashion Council’s LONDON show ROOMS event in Paris.  We’ve been working with the British Fashion Council for a number of months on the design and prototypes for their furniture requirement for these events which take place in Paris four times a year. The end of February marked the finalisation of all the design and production work and the installation at the first event in Paris.


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Helping to show off exciting new British design talent at Made

As well as the bigger projects, we like to feature some of the smaller, more unusual ones that we get involved with.  It was a pleasure to produce the stand and display furniture for jewellery designer, Sarah Straussberg at Made. Take a closer look at her beautiful jewellery here.

Stand design: Tony Wills

Stand design: Tony Wills