News International

Project: News International
Date: December 2010
Timeframe: 10 weeks
Main contractor: Inova

Project details:
Executive desks and pedestals for 20 people

Products used:
Omega Executive furniture, finish: White post-formed laminate, Omega signature D-form edge profile

Atmosphere worked to a specification driven by News International in conjunction with Inova to produce 20 tailor-made Omega executive desks and pedestals with full cable management. The desks were produced in white post-formed laminate with the Omega signature D-form edge profile to create a bright, contemporary look for the cellular offices on the executive floor at News International.

Regrettably we were not permitted to take photographs of this installation, so the images shown are renders to demonstrate the Omega executive desk and pedestal and the D-form edge profile and are not photographs of the desks produced for the above project.