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With soaring rents in the capital, a multi-functioning workplace is the smart choice

In 2016 Atmosphere helped furniture consultants, Insightful Environments (formerly Steelcase Solutions) to launch its new brand and identity with a new Studio at 29 Cloth Fair in the heart of Clerkenwell. The purpose of the Studio was to create a functioning, agile workplace for IE employees as well as a show space to showcase inspiring products from selected manufacturing partners.

Atmosphere worked with the IE designers to come up with a number of products, finishes and custom-made items to fit with their vision.

For the boardroom, video-conferencing was important, to enable the team to communicate effectively with partners around the world, whilst presenting a smart and professional image, so the Omega range was the obvious choice for the boardroom. Omega media wall was developed from Omega work wall, specifically for this project. The media wall was designed to house 2 screens and mount a camera. As Omega work wall was something the IE team also wanted to showcase, we designed the media wall so that a small sample desk section could easily be attached to it, showing how work wall functions. The media wall was clad in a grey oak veneer and also features a veneered credenza for storage of electronic equipment, brochures and samples.

For the boardroom table, a 4m Omega table was chosen to provide a high-end solution for client meetings and we proposed compact grade 10mm Fenix for the table top, for a super-matte, tactile, yet non-marking, durable surface that will continue to look good for years to come.

We have since modified the table so it can be split to form 2 tables and the room divided into 2 meeting rooms, making the space even more functional, whilst retaining the original high-end aesthetic.

Outside the boardroom, IE had worked up designs for a wall of curiosities to provide a focal point of interest as you enter the Studio, along with a standing height reception desk and wall mounted storage and shelving.

Atmosphere worked with the designers to come up with workable solutions for these joinery items. All veneered in American black walnut and attached to the walls using secret fixings.

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